Bag Applications

Mountain gear bags, military bags, agricultural bags, fishing gear bags, bicycle bags, Laptop bags… All the professional bags you want can be made by us.


Our professional pattern-making technology can customize your bag products.

Selected Parts

UV resistant, waterproof, windproof...and more. We offer various functional and lightweight fabrics.

Quality Assurance

Our selection of materials and meticulous manufacturing make bags strong and durable.

Tactical Backpacks

Military pouches are lightweight and durable, and can be customized for different countries, optimizing the space for tool pouches and becoming the best partner for training.

Mountain Gear Bags

Functionality and aesthetic are the requirements of modern climbers for backpacks, and the design of multiple internal pockets can be easily typed.

Sports & functional backpack

Suitable bags for different types of sports, whether it is a waterproof and wear-resistant heavy training bag, outdoor sports bags, or the fashionable street sports functional small bags.

Fishing Bag

The bag is made to meet the needs of anglers in the water. It is lightweight and has a special material to protect against wind, water and salt.

Heavy Duty Mechanical Toolbag

Abrasion and tensile resistance are the basic conditions of the tool bag, and Genfore has module specifications to help make it efficiently.

Let us make the bag you wanted!

Genfore has more than 20 years of experience in bag OEM, if you have any ideas, please contact us.